Code Complete

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Despite the set backs with my recent drive failure, Fools Fortune is code complete today! Featuring a full options menu, credits sequence, progression through repeat runs seen in heirloom and event cards, an android version and hours of gameplay!

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Now with that said Fools Fortune isn’t finished and ready to be released, we’re only at 35 scenarios (out of 166), 78 card arts (out of 166), and placeholder music. I have a writer working on the scenarios and waiting on an audio tech to get back from vacation

fools fortune 3.PNG

As soon as I have audio I’ll be releasing a demo version featuring only 11 scenarios (a single run) over on and the google play store!

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Don’t forget to play and rate Fools Fortune here;

You can follow Fools Fortune’s post jam development and get the demo to be released here and other developments at:


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